Donut (โด๋นัท)

Nat (Pimradapha Wright) is a tomboy who is disappointed with guys. She is one close friend with Doh (Charlie Trairat). Both are students in the Faculty of Fine Arts. One day Nat starts to pursue Jane (Phulada Luechatham) and ignores Doh. What is the

Ladda Land (ลัดดาแลนด์)

Buying a home is a dream that everyone strives for. Thee (Saharat Sangkapreecha) is one of millions in Bangkok that cannot afford a home, much less a spacious home on his meager staff salary. Living in an old rental apartment, he feels the societal

Jakkalan (จั๊กกะแหล๋น)

‘Jeeja’ Yanin Vismitananda (Chocolate and Raging Phoenix) is back in a new action comedy directed by an acclaimed director Petchtai Wongkamlao or Mum Jokmok. The film  revolves around Uncle Sawang and his niece Jakkalan (Mum Jokmok and Jeeja) whose lives turn into chaos after