If you are reading this then you have landed on my micro-niche website, bringing you the best in Thai cinema. In the western world asian cinema is highly under-rated and does not get the appreciation it so desreves. I will be watching and reviewing thai movies when and where I can and update all my readers right here, and hopefully a whole new world of cinema shall be revealed to you.

A little about me
Well Im as boring as they get, but I love my cinema along with binge watching boxsets on my netflix account, for a living I bounce around many jobs from labouring to office admin, so no inside movie information just a guy with his own opinions spewing out my thoughts on the internet. Residing in essex and communting to london for most of my work, it can be difficult to find time to watch so much tv, however I choose to stay up late to do so, a decision I regret every single morning.

What to expect
Im no wizard with words and im no movie conissuer, but my reveiws will be honest and heart felt and I will also do my best as to provide links of where best online to watch certain movies, my first reccomendation is to check out services offering free trial movies. I will try to bring a review once every week or two and I will also try to keep an open mind when it comes to my choices as to appeal to all of my audience.

If your looking for your first Thai movie and want to start off with a bang then Ong-Bak is the movie to watch. Probably one of the most well known movies from SE Asia. Famous for its freestyle stunts, closely compared to Jackie Chans Rubmle in The Bronx but with much better stunts... read full reveiw