Hug Na Sarakham (ฮักนะ สารคาม)

Summary: Set in a northeast province of Thailand called Maha Sarakham, Hug Na Sarakham is a romantic-comedy that tells the variety of love and complicated relationship among teenagers who fall in love. Release Date: March 10, 2011 Rating: 15+ Genre: Comedy, Romance Duration: 1hr

King Naresuan 3 (Part III ตำนานสมเด็จนเรศวรมหาราช ภาคยุทธหัตถี)

Watch the King Naresuan 3 (Part III ตำนานสมเด็จนเรศวรมหาราช ภาคยุทธหัตถี) movie trailer: Buy or Rent This Movie Online at Amazon! It’s all about Burmese troops vs the Ayutthaya Kingdom during the Ayutthaya era of Thailand! This is the third chapter of King Naresuan Epic that

The Microchip (ชิป / หาย)

The Microchip (ชิป / หาย) The comedy centers to a group of friends trying to find a missing microchip which they’re mistakenly convinced is an important microchip that needed to return to the owner. Release Date: February 24, 2011 Rating: PG13 Genre: Action, Comedy