Thai Horror Movies Archive

Gan Core Kud(ก้านคอกัด)

  A hip-hop group called Gan Core Club is stuck on a remote island. They find their paradise turning into horror when they encounter bloody islanders who kill people, and zombies that rising from the sea and prowling on the island. Release Date: July

Ladda Land (ลัดดาแลนด์)

Buying a home is a dream that everyone strives for. Thee (Saharat Sangkapreecha) is one of millions in Bangkok that cannot afford a home, much less a spacious home on his meager staff salary. Living in an old rental apartment, he feels the societal

Nang Pee (The Cinderella หนังผี)

It’s all started at a movie set where a hot-tempered superstar named Rashane has a  quarrel with the movie crews. The quarrel leads to an unexpected death of Rashane and a sequel of horror when Rashane’s corpse is summoned from the grave to get